Two Old Friends Request a Notary for a Power of Attorney

Mr. Jones (not his real name) had a stroke a few weeks ago. He’s single so he didn’t have a spouse to help him through the recovery process. But he did have a friend — another man who he’s been friends with since childhood.

Today I had the honor of witnessing these two friends care for each other as I notarized Mr. Jones’s Durable Power of Attorney. Mr. Jones is currently in a medical rehabilitation center, so that’s where I went.

His friend, Bob (also not his real name) helped his friend by reading the various options in the document. He kept the mood light by gently joking with his pal about the process. He showed him where to initial by gently placing his hand in the right spot.

It warmed my heart to see two men in their 50s be together this way. One man so willing to accept help. And one graciously giving that help.

Keep your friends close.