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Where Can I Get Something Notarized for Free?

Before the pandemic, we all used to go to our banks for free notarizations. And then the banks shut down access to public visitors.

Now, our banks and credit unions have started opening up again but access to free notarizations is limited. Usually, you’ll only be able to get something notarized for free at your bank if the document is related to your bank account or financial life in some way. And then, you’ll be limited to one or two locations in the metro area (by appointment!).

The next best option is to stop by your local UPS Store — they offer basic notarizations for just $10 per notarial act (which is the amount the state of Oregon tells us we are allowed to charge for in-person notarial acts. If you have a large real estate transaction that needs several documents notarized, you’ll want to look instead for a certified signing agent, like myself.

Beyond that, you’ll need to find a notary who can help you online or visit you at your location (mobile).